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COVID-19 Test Booking Widget

Covid Test Booking Image

This widget allows your travellers to search and book their COVID-19 test. Typically we host this widget on our own domain with a CNAME pointer to accomplish your branding. If you do wish to host this widget, the setup is similar to the Entry Requirement Widget.

<div id="booking-cont"></div>

<script src="">


window.document.addEventListener('sitata:restrictionsReady', function() {
var el = document.getElementById("booking-cont")
.setAuthToken('PUB <TOKEN HERE>')
.setOrganizationId('<ORG ID HERE>')


The following methods are available:

setMode(mode)When mode is 'restrictions', will only show entry requirements. When mode is 'covid-test', will only perform test bookings.
setDestinationCode(code)The ISO 3166 Alpha 2 country code to prepopulate the destination. e.g. IN for India
setDepartureCode(code)The ISO 3166 Alpha 2 country code to prepopulate the departure. e.g. CA for Canada
setDepartureDate(date)Expects a javascript date object
setNationality(code)The ISO 3166 Alpha 2 country code to prepopulate the nationality. e.g. CA for Canada
setAuthToken(\"PUB TOKEN_HERE\")See setup example above. Requires your auth token.
setOrganizationId(orgId)Requires your organization identifier as a string.
setLanguage(lang)If you wish to override the language detection. Expects a two character language code.
run(element)Required. Loads and runs the widget. Requires the html element.


The following events are available

sitata:restrictionsReadyFired when the widget has been downloaded and is ready to be initalized.